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Home Matters Caregiving Creates Unique Teams to Provide Tailored Care

Home Matters Caregiving is a home care franchise with a unique approach to senior care. We create carefully tailored care plans for each senior to ensure that they get the highest possible standard of care. This extends beyond daily physical care to encompass social and emotional support, which is in keeping with our mission to change the way home care is provided.

Tailored Care Pathways For Each Senior

Our home care franchise provides care pathways that can be tailored to each senior thanks to our proprietary methods. These include:

  • Purpose Driven Care: The Purpose Driven Care (PDC) Method is our proprietary philosophy of care and training at Home Matters Caregiving. It’s based on a decade of research about the factors that contribute to successful aging. Our unique methodology incorporates optimal physical care with purposeful strategies for emotional well-being.
  • Nurse-Guided Care: One of the main aspects of PDC is nurse-guided care, so each senior has a nurse to oversee the quality of care we provide. This means that we can empower our clients and their families by helping them connect with aspects of the healthcare system they need, link with community resources, and make informed decisions about their healthcare. We have found that this empowers our clients, reduces their stress, and provides reassurance.
  • Better Training, Better Care: We pride ourselves on our caregiver’s compassion, experience, and dependability. But we know this isn’t all it takes to provide high-quality care. Caregivers also need advanced skills and competency in care – and that comes from professional training on an ongoing basis. At Home Matters Caregiving, we use training programs developed by our leadership team in conjunction with industry experts to ensure every employee has the skills and knowledge needed to provide excellence in care.
  • Innovative Care: Innovative Care in the home care franchise sector: In partnership with our experienced nurses and caregivers, we implement cutting-edge audio-based technology that uses artificial intelligence to monitor any changes in our clients’ conditions. With audio pods positioned in different service areas, we can passively listen and collect data on each client’s status. The pods monitor 45 care-related words and sounds. If there is a change in condition – such as distress or issues with medications – the AI will alert the caregiver even if they are not present.

Nurturing Connections: Building Trust and Communication in the Home Care Franchise Community

At Home Matters Caregiving, we are dedicated to facilitating clear and consistent communication with both our clients and their families. This ensures complete transparency and total safety.

By implementing a collaborative care environment, we can promote a holistic, person-centered approach that takes into account the social determinant of our client’s health, promotes their independence, and improves their quality of life as they age in place.

We focus on nurturing trusting relationships between our clients and all our caregivers by empowering voices to be heard, and listening when they speak. In this way, we cultivate a reciprocal culture of respect that strengthens the bonds between the seniors in our care and those who help to make their lives easier.

Expert Ageing Coaches To Accompany Our Seniors

At Home Matters Caregiving, we are deeply in tune with the nuances of the aging journey and the unique challenges it brings for each individual in the home care franchise industry. This is why we take the time to match caregivers with clients based on compatibility and expertise, offering a layered system of care that includes:

  • Primary caregivers: Our primary caregivers take time to get to know our clients and their families so that they can become allies in well-being. They provide personalized care based on each client’s needs and routines.
  • Secondary caregivers: Our secondary caregivers are there to seamlessly take the place of primary caregivers if for some reason they are not available, such as a vacation illness, or an unexpected event.
  • On-call leadership team: Should a situation arise when neither primary nor secondary caregivers are available, our on-call leadership team is there to step in. This ensures that our client is never left without dedicated assistance.

A Home Care Franchise Opportunity That Keeps On Giving

Now you have had a deeper look into the high level of care and support that we offer, are you ready to start Doing Well By Doing Good? Find out more about starting a Home Matters Caregiving franchise home care business by contacting our team for more information.


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