Strategic Differentiators

Our philosophy, methods, processes and programs


Nurse Guided Care

Through our decades of experience in the home care industry, we learned first-hand the importance of Nurse Guided Care. Structuring the role of an experienced nurse in a way to maximize their impact on a growing agency is an important building block for Franchise owner success.

A Data Driven Philosophy

A disciplined continuous improvement process based on monthly data from clients, client family members and caregiving team members that paves the way for excellence in care, communications, and client satisfaction.

Technology that Improves Care Outcomes

While the adoption of technology has been widely absent in the home care industry, Home Matters is blazing a trail through the use of Smart Caregiving Applications that not only improve quality of care but also reduce the cost of care for a growing number of families.

Better Training, Better Care

At Home Matters, training is a foundational part of ensuring excellence in care. Unlike the majority of the home care industry, Home Matters provides caregivers with initial training during the on-boarding process and then monthly clinical training, enabling them to continually improve and develop the skill sets needed to better serve our clients.

The Purpose Driven Care Method

The Purpose Driven Care Method is our proprietary philosophy of care and training based on over a decade of research on the factors that lead to successful aging. Our unique methodology incorporates optimal physical care with purposeful strategies that allow seniors to thrive both physically and emotionally.

The Home Matters Retention Program

One of the secrets to success in the world of home care is creating an environment where high performing care professionals remain happy and loyal. Based on years of testing, The Home Matters Retention Program was born. This unique program focuses on the processes and strategies that matter most to high performing team members.